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Extreme Upcycling? Couture Hats, Headpieces Made From Roadkill

Photos by David Anderson Maybe we’ve got roadkill on the brain, but here’s another fine example of creative taxidermy for wearing atop your noggin. Scotsman James…

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Dirty Librarian Chains' Recycled Jewelry Is Anything But Quiet

Shhhhhh! The Dirty Librarian Chains collection of edgy-yet-elegant upcycled chain necklaces, rings and bracelets makes such a loud statement that you might get shushed even when…

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Solar Powered Dress is Techie-Flapper Chic

What better way to boogie the night away than clad in this ultramod solar-powered mini? Not only does this sleek number look extra-sexy on the dance floor, but it also soaks up the…

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