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7 Bags Made From Recycled Denim Jeans

ANN FRYE Laptop case or old lady’s knitting bag? Ann Frye’s deftly constructed stuff sack, woven from recycled denim on a Leclerc Nilus “Medico” loom, is a…

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Lina Rennell, Ashley Watson Collaborate on Pair of Eco-Chic Bags

If two heads are indeed better than one, then Angelina Rennell and Ashley Watson are one pair of noggins we’d want permanently fused together. The designers’ first joint…

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Millican's Classic Utility Bags For Eco-Adventurers Pack Style, Sustainability

Millican’s rucksacks, field bags, and travel accessories may resemble something you’d find in a musty antiques shop or among the cobwebs of your eccentric…

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Canopy Verde: Distinctive, Modern, Earth-Friendly Bags

Linda Wong, the Taiwan-raised designer behind Canopy Verde, believes in the power of three: Heritage, family, and the environment. Her burgeoning collection of visually arresting bags…

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NEW! Harveys "Lola Ruffle" Seat-Belt Bags, Clutches

Who knew seat belts were so multifaceted? With Harveys’ new Lola Ruffle collection, the erstwhile safety straps pull a complete 180, morphing from brooding body armor to demure,…

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