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Dirtball Wants to Make Jeans in the U.S.A. Using Recycled Water Bottles

Jeans are a wardrobe staple; who doesn’t have at least a pair or two (or five)? But in addition to being popular, traditional jeans also happen to be pretty bad for the…

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Last Day to Enter the Ecouterre Recycled Denim Challenge!

CALLING ALL CRAFTY DENIM RECYCLERS! ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT TO WIN $200! We’re counting down the hours to the close of our Recycled Denim Challenge, so if you haven’t submitted…

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Enter Our Recycled Denim Challenge (Deadline Extended to Sunday!)

CALLING ALL CRAFTY DENIM RECYCLERS! WE’VE EXTENDED THE DEADLINE TO WIN $200 TO SUNDAY, OCT. 24! If you’ve been reading Ecouterre this month, you probably spotted the…

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Howies' Water-Resistant Epic Drover Jeans Keep Cyclists Dry Rain or Shine

There are few sensations more wretched than the feeling of sopping-wet, freezing-cold denim weighing down on your thighs. But no amount of fist-shaking at the skies will circumvent…

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Stop Wasting Water Washing Dirty Jeans...Freeze Them!

Photo by duncharris Turn those blue jeans green—or at least maintain their deep indigo hue—by putting them on ice, literally. Employed by denim enthusiasts to prevent premature…

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