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FDA Proposes New Guidelines for Nanoparticles in Food, Cosmetics

Photo by Shutterstock Nanomaterials wield the promise of amazing technological advancements, yet we know precious little about its effects on the human body. In response to mounting…

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Hundreds of Cosmetics Companies Fulfill Compact for Safe Cosmetics

Finally, some good news to report! The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics announced Wednesday that 321 personal-care companies, from mom-and-pop operations to some of the largest names in the…

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10 Ridiculous "Pinkwashed" Products That May Actually Cause Breast Cancer

THINK BEFORE YOU PINK Before you open your heart—and more important, pocketbook—to pink-ribbon tie-ins, Breast Cancer Action’s Think Before You Pink campaign urges you to pose…

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6 Affordable Eco-Friendly Cosmetics You Can Find at the Drugstore

PHYSICIAN’S FORMULA ORGANIC WEAR If you’re looking for quality natural makeup that won’t empty your bank account, the Organic Wear range by Physician’s Formula…

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6 Toxic Ingredients You Should Avoid in Cosmetics

TOXIC BEAUTY 1. Talc 2. Parabens 3. Propylene glycol 4. Mineral oil 5. Sodium lauryl sulfate 6. Phthalates …

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