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Naoron: A Leathery, Water-Resistant Textile Made From Wood Pulp

NAORON \nah ö·re on\ n 1 a: A versatile textile derived from wood pulp and polyolefin (“soft Naoron”) or recycled polyester (“RPF Naoron”). b: Manufactured by…

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Decay: A Series of Sweaters That Anticipate Their Eventual Deterioration

WORN OUT Bourlanges had many sources of inspiration to draw from, including the work of writer-biologist Midas Dekkers (quotable quote: “Decay is indestructible. So it’s not a…

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Dahea Sun's Cabbage-Dyed Textiles Demonstrate Changing pH of Acid Rain

COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY Shortly after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Sun found herself in South Korea on a rainy day surrounded by fears of radiation spreading from the…

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NYC EVENT: Textile Exchange's Sustainable Apparel Workshop

Textile Exchange invites you to a unique workshop focused on sustainability in the apparel and textile supply chain. This hands-on workshop provides a deep dive into the key aspects of…

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Replay Jeans Introduces Water-Free "Laser Wash" for Denim

The denim industry is a thirsty, energy-intensive beast, but a new treatment technology by Replay Jeans could reproduce the supple, broken-in look of vintage denim without the heavy…

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Sorona: A Versatile Performance Fiber Made From Corn

SORONA\ˈsȯrˈōnˈä\ n 1 a: Sorona, DuPont’s trade name for poly(trimethylene terephthalate), is an extruded fiber that serves as a alternative to nylon 6 in apparel (swimwear,…

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