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Sony Upcycles Headphone Wires Into Chic Travel Accessories

AURAL PLEASURE Sony said that the accessories are inspired by travel scenarios “synonymous with losing yourself in music—whether it be the daily commute or simply relaxing at…

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People Are Freaking Out About Baubax's 15-in-1 Travel Jacket

Rather than fumble for your ID, phone, and all your other travel essentials in your bag, it would be so much more convenient if you could keep them in your pockets. The BauBax jacket…

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"Dolfi" is a Palm-Sized Washing Machine That Cleans With Ultrasound

Meet “Dolfi”, a next-generation ultrasonic “washing machine” that fits in the palm of your hand. Designed by Switzerland’s MPI Ultrasonics, the…

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Future Travelers Will Be Emailing Their Luggage to 3D-Printers

FAREWELL TO CARRY-ONS With advances in three-dimensional printing, this future is already unfolding, says Kyttanen. Lost Luggage supplants the traditional “analog” suitcase…

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