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Torchbearers: Hand-Forged Jewelry That Honors Gulf Coast Oystermen

PRESERVING TRADITION Lyons says the jewelry has several purposes beyond the aesthetic. The first is awareness. “Each piece in the Torchbearers Collection is meant to start a…

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Nordstrom Debuts "Me to We" Line of Kenyan-Made Artisan Accessories

FROM ME TO WE “We currently employ more than 600 artisan mamas who live in Free the Children communities across Kenya,” says Roxanne Joyal, founder of Me to We, in a…

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Diana Eng's Ladybug Pins Raise Awareness About Insect Biodiversity

FLY AWAY HOME Many cultures consider the sight of a ladybug lucky. (The Turkish name for the insect is uğur böceği, which translates literally to “good luck bug.”) You…

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Karolin Felix Recycles Pencil Stubs Into Vibrant, Whimsical Jewelry

Pencils, sharpened to a nub, aren’t good very many things. If you’re Dublin-based designer Karolin Felix, however, they’re the perfect size for turning into colorful,…

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