haptic gloves

Imogen Heap's Open-Source "Mi.Mu" Glove Turns Gestures Into Music

Innovative musician, Imogen Heap has been working on a way to change the way music is created and now is sharing her tool with the world – an interactive glove that controls sound…

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Tactile Gloves Turn Your Hands Into Vibrating Homing Beacons

Photo by Shutterstock Imagine all the time you’ve wasted searching for your keys as your rush out the door. Sure there’s those beeper things you can attach to them to find…

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Build a Haptic Glove That Allows the Blind to "See" With Sonar (DIY Project)

Meet the Tacit, otherwise known as the “Hand-Mounted Haptic Feedback Sonar Obstacle Avoidance Assistance Device.” While it may look like something your favorite mutant…

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