Harvard University

"Smart" Tampon System Could Help Women Monitor Health, Fertility

Photo by Getty Images Few women enjoy getting a visit from Aunt Flo. But what if your period could prove more help than hindrance? A pair of Harvard-trained researchers are working on a…

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$3M Robotic "Trousers" Could Give You Superhuman Strength

Exoskeleton suits currently under development promise mobility for parapalegics, but are bulky, heavy, and overkill for those who just need a little extra help. Harvard has developed a…

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Harvard Scientists Create Smart Fiber That Changes Color When Stretched

Fruit of the “bastard hogberry” plant. Inspiration can strike from the unlikeliest of places. Take the amusingly named bastard hogberry plant, for instance. Indigenous to South…

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Harvard Scientists to Build Endurance-Prolonging Smart Suit for DARPA

Is this what they have in mind? It may not quite be the Batsuit, but Harvard engineers are working on a “novel wearable system” that could prolong the physical endurance of…

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