heat-reactive textiles

Lauren Bowker Creates Clothing That Reacts to Temperature, Motion

TOUCH AND GO But Bowker is more than the sum of her gimmicks. A trained chemist, she created the world’s first pollution-absorbing dye early in her career. Bowker is currently…

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Neffa's "Chameleon" Scarf Changes Color With Mood, Light, Temperature

The chameleon reacts to its environment by changing the color of its skin to blend in and likewise, Neffa’s mood scarf reacts to light and temperature to change its appearance.…

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Alexander Wang Fetes Chameleon Fabrics at Fall 2014 NY Fashion Week

The outer boroughs aren’t your typical New York Fashion Week destination. Yet like a 21st-century Pied Paper, Alexander Wang drew the fashion cavalcade from its Lincoln Center…

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Cabela's Color-Changing Camouflage Lets Soldiers Match Surroundings

Camouflage is a big deal when you’re out traipsing through the woods bird watching, or hunting. Year-round hunters likely have a wide variety of styles and colors to match the…

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