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Adidas Debuts First Shoe Made Almost Completely by Robots

FUTURE SHOE Adidas also harnessed a motion-capture technology called “Aramis” to map the natural movement of the foot and create a more supportive and flexible…

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ShiftWear Lets You Customize Your Sneakers Via Smartphone

An incredible feat of wearable technology could be your new, customizable kicks. The amazing new sneaker company, ShiftWear, fuses a digital screen and wearable fabric, enabling fashion…

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"Smart" Sneaker Lets You Change Colors, Design on Demand

Here it is, the one sneaker to rule them all. The Shift Sneaker is a new concept that digitally transforms to give you a million different looks all in one sneaker. A smartphone app…

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"Back to the Future"-Style Self-Lacing Nike Sneakers Could Arrive in 2015

Looks like Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future II might be arriving right on schedule—at least, if Nike designer Tinker Hatfield isn’t just joshing…

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Biometric Shoe Identifies Individuals by the Way They Walk

Photo by Shutterstock Forget fingerprinting, voice recognition, or even retinal scans. Access to high-security areas could soon hinge on the way you strut. Researchers at Carnegie…

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Great Scott! Nike Releases “Back to the Future” Sneaker for Charity Auction

Before you ask, no, it doesn’t lace itself—not until 2015, anyway. Otherwise, the 2011 Nike Mag is an exact replica of the glowing sneaker Marty McFly wore in the 1989 hit movie…

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