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Aerochromics: Clothing That Changes Color When Exposed to Air Pollution

Faced with a world of increasing outdoor air pollution, designer Nikolas Gregory Bentel decided to help fellow city dwellers monitor their own environments. Bentel has recently released…

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"Back to the Future" Inspires Self-Charging Textiles, Clothing

One movie buff scientist from the University of Central Florida’s NanoScience Technology Center has turned to the 80s cult classic Back to the Future II to inspire a new wearable…

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Lauren Bowker Creates Clothing That Reacts to Temperature, Motion

TOUCH AND GO But Bowker is more than the sum of her gimmicks. A trained chemist, she created the world’s first pollution-absorbing dye early in her career. Bowker is currently…

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"Smart" Sneaker Lets You Change Colors, Design on Demand

Here it is, the one sneaker to rule them all. The Shift Sneaker is a new concept that digitally transforms to give you a million different looks all in one sneaker. A smartphone app…

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Project Jacquard: Google, Levi's to Turn Clothing Into Touchscreens

Jacquard is a “smart fabric” developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group that could conceivably turn your sleeve into a touch…

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