high-tech underwear

U.S. Military Develops High-Tech Undies to Monitor Soldiers' Vitals

Photos by the U.S. Dept. of Defense Military intelligence just got a whole lot smarter with a new breed of under-armor that monitors soldiers’ vitals during combat. Developed by …

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Neutralize the Funk in Your Junk With Odor-Absorbing Astronaut Undies

As the Land of the Rising Sun faces record-smashing temperatures, sales of odor-absorbing underpants originally designed for astronauts are hitting their own stride, according to…

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Screen-Printed Sensors on Underwear Can Monitor Body's Biochemistry

Forget gossipy neighbors, peeping toms, or shady repairmen. In the future, you may be handing out non-disclosure agreements to your underwear drawer. Researchers from Taiwan and U.C.…

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