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Top 7 Wearable Technology Concepts of 2013 (Vote for the Coolest)

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Vodafone's "Power Shorts" Use Body Heat to Charge Your Cellphone

No need to worry about running down your cellphone battery this festival season. Vodafone’s “Power Pocket” promises to keep peripherals pumping on little more than…

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Machina's MIDI Controller Jacket Turns Your Body Into a Synthesizer

Anyone can sway to the rhythm of a catchy tune. But what if you could translate your body movements into actual music? That’s the idea behind Machina’s “MJ…

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Energy-Generating Knee Strap Could Spell the End of Batteries

Photo by Shutterstock Time for the energy industry to pull itself up by the knee straps: A group of scientists in the United Kingdom have developed a novel energy-harvesting device that…

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Human-Powered Dresses Convert Movement into Electricity

When clothing is restrictive or otherwise uncomfortable, you pull, pinch, and generally exert more energy than the act of wearing it alone requires. But what if you wore uncomfortable…

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