Conscei Budapest Offers Fair-Trade, Organic-Cotton Men's Dress Shirts

Hungarian company Conscei is taking on the concept of truly sustainable fashion, through menswear. Conscei’s goal is to create a fashion model that focuses on protecting the…

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Budapest's Only Eco-Fashion Line Upcycles Castoffs Into Clothing

Adding to the buzz of creativity in Budapest is a cafe, pop-up, and design studio called Printa. The on-site silkscreen and fashion workshop produces garments that are displayed in…

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"Soundweaving" Turns Traditional Folk Embroidery Into Playable Music

Soundweaving comes from design student Zsanett Szirmay, of the Moholy-nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, who created this mysterious sound artwork by transforming embroidery…

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This Machine Lets You Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Clothes at Home

Wish sorting your plastic empties was more…glamorous? Hungarian designer Kovács Apor imagines a future where we routinely transform plastic bottles into clothes, right in the…

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Pikkpack's Flat-Pack Shoes Require Only Three Pieces of Material

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own shoes, now is your chance with the super-easy Pikkpack shoe. Designed by Sarah Gulyas, the slip-on shoes can be woven together at home with just…

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