Lily Cole Cries, Natalie Portman Wears H&M Dress, Transformer Shoes

British model/actress Lily Cole, co-founder eco-knitwear label The North Circular, was driven to tears over the plight of child cotton laborers in Uzbekistan. “I had thought the…

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7 Eco-Friendly Jackets, Coats to Help You Stay Warm, Look Cool

COLD SNAP Baby it’s cold outside, but unless you’re planning on hibernating this winter, we recommend packing some heavy insulation. If your frost-fighting wardrobe could…

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Nick Aster, Founder and Publisher of Triple Pundit

Nick Aster laughed when we asked him to appear on Ecouterre. He doesn’t fancy himself a “hip eco dude.” But the Wisconsin native and founder of Triple Pundit, a blog about…

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