Nordic Countries Launch Action Plan for Sustainable Fashion

TRUE NORTH The textile industry is one of the most resource-consuming sectors in the world, Brosbøl said, noting that a Nordic citizen’s annual consumption of textiles uses more…

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10 Frightening Eco-Fashions That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

DEM BONES Los Angeles’s Bones and Feathers Collective creates anatomically correct jewelry by hand-dipping wax casts of fox, shark, and rattlesnake vertebrae into molten bronze…

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Titania Inglis Brings Dark Fairy Tales to Fall 2013 NY Fashion Week

Photos by Amanda Coen for Ecouterre Titania Inglis returned to New York Fashion Week on Wednesday with her Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Inspired by fairytales and parallel universes,…

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Sruli Recht Makes A Creepy Ring With A Strip of His Own Flesh

Sruli Recht’s Autumn/Winter 2013 menswear collection has plenty to delight and astonish: polygonal militia jackets derived from walnut wood, sweaters composed of unwound lambswool…

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Meet the Blankoat, An Icelandic "Snuggie" Made From Inbred Viking Wool

It seems like Americans aren’t alone in their willingness to sacrifice personal dignity in the name of full-body warmth and lower heating bills. One Icelandic designer has…

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