Studio One Eighty Nine, Yoox Team Up on Ethical Fashion Line

MADE IN GHANA Because of the handcrafted nature of the garments, no two are alike. Dawson and Erwiah said they challenged the artisans to move beyond the bounds of their experience…

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Alabama Chanin Starts Natural Dye Facility, Relaunches Indigo Line

ALABAMA BLUES The do-it-yourself route was partly born out of necessity. Several of Alabama Chanin’s go-to dye houses have shuttered over the years, making it increasingly…

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Studio Naenna Produces Stunning Handwoven Eco-Textiles in Thailand

Photos by Helen Morgan for Ecouterre Located in the rural outskirts of central Chiang Mai, Thailand, Studio Naenna work with local female artisans to make some truly beautiful fabrics.…

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Brut Cake Upcycles Vintage Chinese Fabrics Into One-of-a-Kind Items

Brut Cake is the innovative brand behind these creative ceramics, textiles, and furniture pieces handmade in a Shanghai-based studio using a beautiful array of local and natural…

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Serpent & Bow's Myth-Inspired Indigo-Dyed Garments Are Mesmerizing

Serpent & Bow use sustainably sourced fabrics and natural dyes such as indigo to create these handcrafted textiles and fashion items that evoke mythical mer-people. Founded by…

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