Donald Trump's "American-Made" Suits May Not Actually be Made in the U.S.A.

Photo by Danny Reuter for Reuters In a plot twist that will surprise absolutely no one, Donald Trump’s allegedly “American-made” suits may not actually be as homegrown…

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Watch "Living Wage Now," a Documentary About the Struggles of Asian Garment Workers

You won’t find any easy answers in Living Wage Now. Indeed it’s the issues it poses that makes the 32-minute documentary essential viewing. Produced by the Asia Floor Wage…

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"RiverBlue" is an Upcoming Film That Explores the Dark Side of Denim

What is the fashion industry—and we humans, by extension—doing to the planet? There’s been a lot of talk about “fast fashion” in blogs and in the popular press and its impact…

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Indonesian Spa Claims "Python Massage" Boosts Metabolism With Fear

SNAKES IN A SPA Pythons, which vary in length from 23 inches to a whopping 33 feet, are part of a group of snakes known as constrictors. Instead of poisoning their prey with venom,…

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Greenpeace Tells Gap to Stop "Sponsoring" Toxic Water Pollution

Photos by Andri Tambunan and Deden Iman for Greenpeace After successfully procuring pledges from the likes of Levi Strauss, Nike, and Zara to detox their products and supply chains by…

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Gap Turns Indonesian River Into an Unnaturally Multicolored Chemical Soup

MIND THE GAP “Gap’s latest advertising campaign declares that we should ‘Be Bright,’ but by collaborating with toxic suppliers Gap’s clothes are turning the Citarum into a…

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