inflatable fashion

Inflatable "Sleep Hoodie" Lets You Catch a Nap Anytime, Anywhere

Napping has never been so easy, thanks to a new inflatable hoodie. Designed by Josh Woodle, and manufactured in the U.S. of A., the “Hypnos Hoodie’s” hood transforms into an…

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Revival Vest: A Discreet Life Jacket That Self-Inflates If a Diver Blacks Out

LIFE-SAVER The Revival, which employs smart-fabric technology from Footfalls and Heartbeats, works by monitoring changes in the circumference of the chest while the diver suppresses…

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Inflatable Bandeau Belt Offers Stylish, Discreet Alternative to Life Jacket

It’s easy to be swept away by the romance of sailing the high seas. Feeling glamorous, however, is another matter, especially when you’re yoked by a bulky—and let’s…

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