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Birce Özkan's Biomimetic Dress Sheds "Leaves" With Seasons

In the fall, less light and cooler temperatures signals trees its time to shed leaves to prepare for winter. Inspired by the annual defoliation, Birce Özkan designed a brilliant dress…

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Imogen Heap's Open-Source "Mi.Mu" Glove Turns Gestures Into Music

Innovative musician, Imogen Heap has been working on a way to change the way music is created and now is sharing her tool with the world – an interactive glove that controls sound…

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Steampunk "Reading Glove" Uses Wireless Technology to Tell Stories With Objects

You don’t have to be a psychic to know that objects tell a story. If “object reading” is your objective, however, the “Reading Glove” by Joshua and Karen…

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Window Shopping Goes High-Tech With Motion-Sensing Interactive Displays

German researchers are putting the “Windows” into after-hours window shopping, an activity that has been strictly “look, but don’t touch”—at least, until…

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