invisibility cloaks

Texas Researchers Design World's First Battery-Powered Invisibility Cloak

Photo by Shutterstock Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin are working on a battery-powered cloaking device that they claim will boost your invisibility. Working from…

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Duke Scientists Create a Working "Invisibility Cloak" Using a 3D Printer

Researchers at Duke University have used a consumer-grade 3D printer to make something out of a Sci-Fi movie- an invisibility cloak. Yaroslav Urzhumov and his crew of engineers have…

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Invisibility Cloak Could Shield Ships, Oil Rigs From Rough Waves

Photo by Shutterstock An invisibility cloak would pretty much be the coolest piece of wearable technology ever. You could sneak around undetected, listen in on conversations you…

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U.S. Scientists Harness Thousands of Invisibility Cloaks to Trap a Rainbow

Photo by Shutterstock Harry Potter’s disguise of choice isn’t just for stalking the halls of Hogwarts sight unseen. Scientists from Towson University and the University of…

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Scientists Create Harry Potter-Like Invisibility Cloak From Gold-Coated Silk

We’ll believe it when we see it—or rather, don’t see it—but scientists from Tufts and Boston University claim to have invented the world’s first pliable…

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