Iris van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen's 3D-Printed "Ice" Dress is a "Frozen" Fan's Dream

Iris van Herpen could teach Queen Elsa of Arendelle a thing or two about ice. The Dutch designer, who debuted her Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, used…

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Which 3D-Printed Dress Would You Rather Wear?

Both Iris van Herpen and the tag team of Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt claimed to have created the world’s first three-dimensionally printed dress. Let’s settle this…

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Iris van Herpen Debuts World's First 3D-Printed Flexible Dresses

PRINTABLE COUTURE Van Herpen and Oxman’s ensemble was the product of Stratsys’s “Objet Connex” multimaterial 3D-printing technology, which the company says…

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