Israeli Fashion Student 3D-Prints Entire Clothing Collection at Home

Photos by Daria Retiner Danit Peleg set her sights high when she started her graduate collection for her degree in Fashion Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She…

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Tesler + Mendelovitch's Geometric Purses Are Made of 100 Percent Wood

These stunning wooden clutch bags come from Tesler + Mendelovitch who make sure all of the wood they use is sourced from sustainably managed forests across the globe. The team behind…

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"Google Glass"–Like "OrCam" Headset Could Help the Blind to See

Coming out of Israel is a new wearable device that can help the visually impaired see. OrCam is a camera and mind-reading computer that can see everything you can see and can tell you…

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Hila Martuzana Translates Cycles of Nature Into Stunning Tyvek Dresses

TURN, TURN, TURN Although the pieces appear delicate, Tyvek is extremely durable. Pioneered by Dupont, the material is also moisture-, chemical-, and tear-resistant, which explains…

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