Issey Miyake

Pleats Please Issey Miyake, Native Shoes Debut Cruelty-Free Sneakers

SUMMER KICKS Pleats Please, Miyake’s paean to the grace and simplicity of the pleat, feature permanently pressed garments that conform to the body and adapt to movement while…

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Issey Miyake Creates Heat-Retaining Menswear From Recycled Polyester

Issey Miyake’s timing couldn’t be more apt. As temperatures at Paris Men’s Fashion Week plunged below zero on Thursday—and the City of Lights faced its worst…

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Steve Jobs: Fashion Locavore? Not So Fast!

As far as American icons go, Steve Jobs’s mockneck-and-Dad-jeans ensemble is as indelible as the man himself. One Minnesota company, reaping the benefits by so-called association,…

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Issey Miyake's Spring 2012 Line Offers Hope, Renewal for Japan at Paris Fashion Week

Photos by British Vogue Issey Miyake was all abloom at Paris Fashion Week on Sunday with Yoshiyuki Miyamae’s official coming-out as lead designer, a gambit to rejuvenate a brand…

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Issey Miyake Unfolds Origami-Inspired "132 5" Eco-Fashion Collection

Few things in fashion add up, like pairing denim cutoffs with Uggs, wearing knee-high boots with peep-toe cutouts, or donning a sleeveless peacoat jacket in the dead of winter (we…

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