James Dyson Award

"Flo" Lets Girls in Developing Countries Wash, Dry, Carry Reusable Sanitary Pads

GO WITH IT Designed by Mariko Higaki Iwai, Sohyun Kim, and Tatijana Vasily from California’s Art Center College of Design, Flo is a toolkit that helps girls living in poverty to…

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This Marker Ink Changes Color When Your Sunscreen Stops Working

Piling on the sunscreen is a great habit to get into to protect yourself against harmful ultraviolet rays, but what happens when your sunscreen stops working? The innovative new Suncayr…

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Biowool: A Tough Shell-Like Fiber Derived From Bioresin, Waste Wool

BIOWOOL /’bīō wul’/ n 1 a: Composite material currently in trial development made from bio-resin and carded wool waste fiber from the carpet industry. b. Application…

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"First Few Days" Backpack Filters Water, Generates Power for Emergencies

When disaster strikes water sources are often contaminated and the electric grid is down, meaning no clean water and no power. To get by until relief arrives, victims need drinkable…

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Revival Vest: A Discreet Life Jacket That Self-Inflates If a Diver Blacks Out

LIFE-SAVER The Revival, which employs smart-fabric technology from Footfalls and Heartbeats, works by monitoring changes in the circumference of the chest while the diver suppresses…

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Alto: An Intuitive Sewing Machine That Encourages "Make Do and Mending"

A STITCH IN TIME An international student design competition running in 18 countries, the James Dyson Award is part of the James Dyson Foundation’s mission to encourage emerging…

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