julia roebuck

How Can We Educate Our Youth About Fast Fashion's Harmful Effects?

Photo by Shutterstock Thanks to a combination of technological innovation and developing global economies, “fast fashion” is now ubiquitous on the high street. A one-two…

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Julia Roebuck Rehabilitates Unwanted Clothing Into Stunning Eco-Fashion

Julia Roebuck is a British designer who creates eye-catching London street-chic pieces by recycling used or discarded garments from various sources. Roebuck’s got her mind set on more…

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Fashion Week Goes Carbon Neutral, Ode to Lyocell, Human Pollinators

Photo by Tina Fineberg/New York Times Hello, goodbye: For its last fling at Bryant Park, New York Fashion Week will be carbon neutral for the first time. (TreeHugger) EcoSalon’s…

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