Julia Stiles

Actress Julia Stiles is "Kind of Ignorant" About Eco-Fashion

“I appreciate clothing lines that have equitable working standards for the people who make their clothing. I wish I could find more of them. I really like the EDUN label that Bono…

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Julia Stiles' Eco-Style, So Long 2009, Sustainable Fashion Explained

Actress Julia Stiles, who starred in that now-infamous spoof video about her fake eco-fashion line, opens up about how she really feels about sustainable clothing. (EcoStiletto) The…

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6 Terrifying Crimes of Eco-Fashion That Will Make You Scream

Photo by Getty Images When it comes to eco-fashion, you’ll find few advocates as zealous as we are—we’d rather build up than tear down. Still, we’ve had our retinas…

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