Kate Fletcher

Kate Fletcher's "Local Wisdom" Promotes Clothing as Personal Narrative

What is Local Wisdom trying to accomplish? We’re trying to find ways to increase the uptake of some of the things that we’re seeing, some of the knowledge and wisdom that we…

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Have a Garment With a Story? Participate in a "Local Wisdom" Photo Shoot

WISE CLOTHING Nearly 30 percent of the average person’s closet sits unused and unworn for at least a year, resulting in $50 billion worth of neglected garments going to waste,…

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How Can Designers Apply Biomimicry Principles to Fashion?

Photo by Shutterstock The following is an excerpt from Fashion & Sustainability: Design for Change (2012, Laurence King) by Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose. Biomimicry is the…

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15 Eco-Fashion Books That Uncover the Garment Industry's Dirtiest Secrets

FASHION & SUSTAINABILITY: DESIGN FOR CHANGE by Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose Fashion & Sustainability: Design for Change (2012, Laurence King) reimagines the complex fashion…

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LONDON EVENT: Cape Farewell's SHIFT Festival

In January 2010, Southbank Centre plays host to Cape Farewell’s SHIFT Festival, a stimulating, provocative and energising programme of climate-focused cultural events. SHIFT is a…

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