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EDUN, J.Crew Crewcuts Collaborate on African-Made Childrenswear

EDUN JR. Sherman credits St. Ann’s, which she describes as a “very special place,” for motivating the partnership in the first place. The orphanage abuts one of the…

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These Sensory-Friendly Clothes Make It Easier to Keep Autistic Kids Safe

Some autistic children wander, unbeknownst to their parents or even themselves, but new GPS wearables can help ease the worries of lost kiddos. Independence Day Clothing is a new line…

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Organic, Fair-Trade "Pachamas" Are World's First Interactive Pajamas

Maybe you’re heard of Pacha and her magical pajamas that take her around the world on adventures when she goes to sleep? Even if you haven’t heard of this endearing…

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Beware of Toxic "Little Monsters" During Back-to-School Shopping

Unlike most parents, Helena Meresman doesn’t look forward to the start of the school year. Back-to-school shopping fills the environmental scientist and mother of two with an…

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Toxic "Little Monsters" Lurk in Your Kids' Closets, Says Greenpeace

LITTLE MONSTERS “This is a nightmare for parents everywhere looking to buy clothes for their children that don’t contain hazardous chemicals,” says Chih An Lee, detox…

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Christopher Raeburn Jr., Patagonia Reduces, Test-Driving Osborn Shoes

The lovely Abigail Doan sent this over and it was too good not to share: Bespoke Christopher Raeburn! For kids! (Christopher Raeburn) Patagonia may be on its way to offering recycling…

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