Kizzy Jai Knight

Jai's Coral-Inspired Spring 2011 Collection is Dyed With Local Produce

Photos by Lou Rouse Known for its “playfully regal” aesthetic, Jai has delivered a Spring/Summer 2011 collection that is equally as ebullient. Inspired by the fragile beauty…

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How Do You Define "Sustainable Fashion," Exactly?

YOU SAY PO-TAY-TO “Sustainable,” “eco,” organic,” “ethical”—keeping track of the plethora of “green” (there’s another one!)…

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9 Eco-Fashion Designers Showing at the Designers & Agents Green Room

GREEN D&A Please join Ecouterre from May 3-5, 2010, as we co-host the Green Room at Designers & Agents in New York City. Featuring emerging eco-friendly designers such as…

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Kizzy Jai Knight's Eco-Fashion Spinoff is Effortlessly Elegant For Fall 2010

Kizzy Jai Knight has been busy this past year, especially after expanding her eponymous brand to include a spinoff collection. Simply called “Jai,” the Fall/Winter 2010 line…

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Top 7 Up-And-Coming Green Designers of 2009 (Vote for Your Fave!)

Stewart + Brown, Loyale, John Patrick Organic, and Loomstate are household names—well, if you live in our kind of household, that is, where we eat eco-fashion for breakfast, lunch,…

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FIRST LOOK: Jai Active Wear is Sustainably, Regally Playful

Smart design is sustainability is contemporary elegance, says Kizzy Jai Knight, the erstwhile dancer/choreographer/stylist behind Jai Active Wear, a fledgling label that the Knight…

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