leather alternatives

MuSkin: A Vegan "Leather" Made Entirely From Mushrooms

MUSKIN \məsˈkin\ n. 1 a: A 100 percent biodegradable vegetal leather, extracted from mushroom caps and “tanned” using chemical-free methods. b: Resembles suede but is…

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Jellyfish Leather: A Cowhide Alternative From an Invasive Species

JELLYFISH LEATHER \ˈje-lē-ˌfish ˈle-thər\ n. 1. A cow-free textile proposed by Yurii Kasao, a design-products graduate from London’s Royal College of Art. 2. Can be cut,…

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Rotterdam Students Turn Fruit, Vegetable Waste Into Durable "Leather"

FRUITLEATHER The resulting textile, according to de Boon, isn’t unlike animal leather, with slight variances depending on the type of produce used. “Every centimeter is unique.…

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"Eco-Leather" Made From Plant Oils is a Fashion Game-Changer

Tanning leather is a toxic endeavor and also quite fatal for animals, but a new alternative bio-based leather promises to be more environmentally friendly. Richard Wool, a professor of…

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