LED accessories

Fos: An Affordable, Wearable LED Display System to Help You Stay Visible

Turn signals don’t come standard on a bike and arm waving can be misunderstood, but a live-action LED wearable display on your pack or your back gives a clear signal how…

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Philip Treacy Lights Up London Fashion Week With Wacky LED Hats

LET THERE BE LIGHT Waldemeyer helped create two pieces for the collection. The first, inspired by the concept of weightlessness, involved whirring LED propellers that created a…

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YumaLite's LED "Visor" Uses Light Therapy to Banish Winter Blues

If winter’s lingering state of gloom has you down in the dumps, you could be prone to seasonal affective disorder. The most effective way to nip it in the bud? Light therapy (also…

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