LED eyelashes

Top 7 Bizarre Eco-Fashion Stories of 2009 (Vote for the Weirdest!)

Never let it be said that fashion doesn’t have a sense of humor. From coin purses stitched from taxidermied rats to LED eyelashes designed to make Asian peepers pop, these seven…

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6 Terrifying Crimes of Eco-Fashion That Will Make You Scream

Photo by Getty Images When it comes to eco-fashion, you’ll find few advocates as zealous as we are—we’d rather build up than tear down. Still, we’ve had our retinas…

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Crazy LED Eyelashes Designed to Brighten, Enlarge Eyes

When it comes to the extremes we’ll go to achieve someone’s arbitrary ideal of beauty, at least these light-up eyelashes aren’t permanent. We’re not sure if…

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