LED jackets

LED-Embellished "Supaheroe" Jacket Helps Cyclists Stay Visible at Night

Innovative wearables firm, Utope has recently developed a waterproof jacket with integrated electronics and lighting to make you more visible at night. The Sporty Supaheroe Jacket…

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Fos: An Affordable, Wearable LED Display System to Help You Stay Visible

Turn signals don’t come standard on a bike and arm waving can be misunderstood, but a live-action LED wearable display on your pack or your back gives a clear signal how…

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Finally, an Affordable LED Jacket for Night Cyclists, Runners

Rare is the LED attire that doesn’t get you mistaken for a walking Christmas inflatable. Rarer still is one non-trust-funders can afford. You can thank Syuzi Pakhchyan of…

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Vega One: A Stylish LED Jacket for Nocturnal Cyclists

Looking to bump up your spring wardrobe with a stylish yet super-functional coat for your nocturnal bike rides? Angella Mackey’s new Vega One is a lightweight illuminated coat…

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