Greenpeace Reveals the Most—And Least—Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

Even seasoned models have been known to take a spill or two on the runway. We’re only human, after all. For the fashion brands behind them, however, the onus not to stumble weighs…

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Adidas Now a "Detox Leader," Nike Still a "Greenwasher"

Looks like Adidas has finally cleaned up its act. A year and a half after Greenpeace branded it a “Detox greenwasher,” the sportswear giant is now “back on…

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Toxic "Little Monsters" Lurk in Your Kids' Closets, Says Greenpeace

LITTLE MONSTERS “This is a nightmare for parents everywhere looking to buy clothes for their children that don’t contain hazardous chemicals,” says Chih An Lee, detox…

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Greenpeace's "Detox Catwalk" Features Trendsetters, Greenwashers, Laggards

TOXIC RUNWAY While companies such as Uniqlo, H&M, and Mango are pushing forward with concrete actions towards their detox goals, others like Adidas, Nike, and Li-Ning are…

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Greenpeace's 3D Street Art Warns About Toxic Chemicals in Our Laundry

Yes, your eyes do deceive you. Greenpeace activists conspired with Planet Streetpainting artists to create a mind-bending optical illusion at the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam on…

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Small Biz Saturday, Alicia Silverstone’s New EcoTools, Li-Ning Detoxes

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but did you remember to shop small on Small Business Saturday? (Small Business Saturday) Actress and EcoTools spokeswoman Alicia…

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