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David Catá Turns His Palm Into a Foliage-Containing Planter

Most people can’t stand the idea of pain. Then again, David Catá isn’t like most people. The Spanish artist, who once embroidered portraits of his loved ones into the palm…

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Christophe Guinet "Grows" Nike Sneakers From Flowers, Seeds

Christophe Guinet isn’t, in the words of Nike, just doing it; he’s growing it. Living up to his nom de guerre, the French artist known as “Monsieur Plant” has…

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Cecilia Valentine's Living Pet Jewelry Shows That Fur is Meant to be Alive

Student and designer Cecilia Valentine has an innovative way to wear fur- while it is still alive. Debuting at the Reitveld graduation show, the designer showcased her living…

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Japanese Artist Creates Edible Headpieces From Raw Veggies, Flowers

FRESH DIRECT Born in 1975, Takaya spent his early career in the culinary industry before becoming a floral artist in 2004. Most of his clients are brides looking to add drama to their…

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Wear Your Greens, Rent the Runway Gets $15M, Extreme Knitting

We knew hats were big in Britain, but this foliage-inspired topper at the Chelsea Flower Show takes the rake. (Take Part) Sharing is caring: Rent the Runway, which is like Netflix for…

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