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Michigan-Based Floral Designer Turns Succulents Into Living Jewelry

Susan McLeary is no ordinary floral designer. As principal of Passionflower in Anne Arbor, Mich., McLeary creates lush living jewelry from miniature succulents. Meant for short-term,…

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Cecilia Valentine's Living Pet Jewelry Shows That Fur is Meant to be Alive

Student and designer Cecilia Valentine has an innovative way to wear fur- while it is still alive. Debuting at the Reitveld graduation show, the designer showcased her living…

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Mr. Lentz's Hand-Carved Wooden Jewelry Double as Mini-Planters

Suffering from nature deficit disorder? Slip one of Mr. Lentz’s hand-carved wooden rings and pendants on for size. The self-proclaimed “creative cowboy” crafts his…

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Give the Gift of Green With a Terrarium Necklace (DIY Tutorial)

MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES A glass-bottle charm A small seedling Tweezers A jump ring A chain necklace Some dirt STEP ONE Pop the cork top of your glass bottle and place a small amount of…

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Clothe Yourself in Nature With Colleen Jordan's Wearable Planters

Designer and artist Colleen Jordan has a quirky range of nature-inspired jewelry that will stand out amongst your usual bling. Discovered at the Model Citizens show during New York…

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Upcycled Flatware Jewelry by McFlashpants Really Shines

One of the secrets to making upcycled accessories really shine is to infuse them with special little quirks that make people smile. Designer Jen McGlashan does just that with…

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