locavore clothing

Freitag is a Feat of Brotherly Love That Flaunts Its European Roots

F-abric was developed because you couldn’t find sustainable workwear for your employees that was also biodegradable. What came first, the designs or the material? It was…

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A London Community Grows Flax to Turn Into Clothing

In the spring of 2014, a dedicate lot of Londoners embarked on a mission to grow a garment. That meant starting from seeds, and using only hand labor techniques to turn a plant into…

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The North Face Aims to Improve Sustainability, Animal Welfare

The North Face has long been a household name in responsible and durable outdoor wear that appeals to the masses – from urban winter wear to hardcore extreme sports gear –…

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The North Face's "Hyper-Local" Hoodie Keeps Carbon Footprint Petite

There’s local and there’s hyper-local. The North Face’s “Backyard Project” hoodie lies firmly in the latter category. Made collaboratively with California…

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