Lucy Siegle

"The True Cost": A Documentary About the Clothing Industry's Impact

“Growing up I was told this very simple story about where our clothes come from,” Andrew Morgan, director of a new documentary, The True Cost, tells viewers in the opening…

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Zara's Way: How Fast Fashion Snared Us With Low Prices, Quick Changes

Legend has it that when the first Zara store opened in Britain, on Regent Street in London, shoppers were a little mystified. The prices seemed high, and I’m told (perhaps…

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Estethica's Spring 2011 Press Day Checks Pulse of British Ethical Fashion

ETHICAL FASHION TODAY Bring ethical-fashion movers and shakers together and the conversation is bound to get interesting. That was the case with the Estethica Press Day on Dec. 8, an…

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From Somewhere Vs. Junky Styling: Who Upcycled for Sinitta Better?

CLASH OF THE TITANS British upcycling powerhouses From Somewhere and Junky Styling took their friendly rivalry onstage when they were both charged to design an outfit for ’80s pop…

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