World's Leading Brands Score Poorly on Use of Sustainable Cotton

Photo by Wikimedia Commons Organic cotton. Better cotton. Fair-trade cotton. Recycled cotton. Cotton made in Africa. You’d think with all the labels and initiatives brands like to…

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Activists Target Ralph Lauren for Allegedly Promoting Deforestation

Protestors hijacked one of fashion’s biggest events on Monday to call out Ralph Lauren for allegedly contributing to deforestation, human-rights abuses, and climate pollution.…

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EDUN Collaborates With Louis Vuitton on Limited-Edition Travel Bag

EDUN made sartorial history this month when it became the first fashion label to share Louis Vuitton’s thunder in a Louis Vuitton-branded ad. The Annie Leibovitz-shot pictorial,…

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PETA's Pulpy Projectiles, Soul-Deadening Knockoffs, DIY Newspaper Yarn

We despise killing for fur as much as the next warm-blooded mammal, but training our young’uns to pelt rotten tomatoes at pelt-wearers seems a little silly—and illegal. (Ethical…

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