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One by One Takes on "Slow Fashion," One Garment at a Time

SLOW AND STEADY Launched this past October, One by One is the brainchild of Ashley Denisov, a user-experience designer who studied fashion design and pattern marking in her…

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Olderbrother's L.A.-Made Clothing is Eco-Friendly, Gender-Neutral

How did the two of you meet? Was it kismet at first sight? For a moment, close your eyes and envision a pleasant summer afternoon. A playful breeze tickles your neck and murmurs sweet…

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Garment Repurposes Secondhand Clothing to Combat Overproduction

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE By cutting out the middleman and offering direct-to-consumer pricing through its e-commerce shop, Garment said it hopes to “democratize avant-garde…

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Ystr Minimizes Fashion Waste With Its "Cut to Order" Clothing

DOWN WITH EXCESS The fact that Ystr is online-only also means no retail markups, which typically factor in storefront overheads, wholesale loss, and inventory costs. Another defining…

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