Ecoalf Wants to Upcycle Ocean-Trawled Plastic Into Textiles, Clothing

Ecoalf sees opportunity in waste. Based in Madrid, the urban-minimalist apparel brand—think Uniqlo for the conscious set—has recycled everything from decommissioned fishing nets,…

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"Technopicnic" is a Solar-Powered Backpack for Picnicking in the City

Photos by DiegoENE It’d be nice to go take for a picnic in a wildflower-filled meadow with only the birds to listen to, but most people don’t have easy access to that much…

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Spanish Artist Protests Unethical Fashion With Live Street Performance

FASHION VICTIMS Fashion Victims, according to Dominguez, shines a light on the human cost of mindless consumerism, particularly in the West. More than that, it’s an appeal for…

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"Intelligent" T-Shirt Monitors Hospital Patients' Vital Signs, Movements

Hospitals may soon have a new, noninvasive way to track the health and movements of their patients. Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have developed an…

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