Mary Huang

"Myth" is the World's First 3D-Printed Ready-to-Wear Shoe Collection

SHOES TO PRINT Made locally in New York City, each shoe comprises at least 90 percent components manufactured on a small desktop printer. To maintain the premise—and promise—of…

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LAST CHANCE: Win a "Constrvct" Dress Featuring Your Favorite Photo (Worth $350!)

Unleash your inner designer with Constrvct, a first-of-a-kind three-dimensional design app that allows just about anyone to create original clothing designs using their favorite photos…

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Constrvct: An App That Lets You Turn Any Photo Into Custom Clothing

PRINT YOUR OWN Constrvct is a project of Continuum Clothing, the same interactive agency that brought us the world’s first three-dimensionally printed bikini. Mary Huang and Jenna…

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World's First 3D-Printed Bikini Makes Debut

We’ve seen three-dimensionally printed shoes, fabric, and even superhero armor. Continuum Fashion and Shapeways are now launching the world’s first fully 3D-printed bikini.…

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Continuum: An App That Turns Any Drawing Into a Made-to-Measure Dress

Call it “computational couture.” “Continuum,” a new app by interactive designer Mary Huang, puts bespoke fashion in the hands of anyone with an Internet…

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