Matt and Nat

7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Dress Up Your Jeggings

HOW TO WEAR JEGGINGS 1. Don’t mistake them for pants The jegging may look like a jean and wear like a jean, but despite its trouser-ward aspirations, it will never be a pant.…

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Matt & Nat Collaborates With Apple on Chic, Vegan Laptop Bags

A vegan bag maker from Montreal and the No. 1 tech company in the world may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but Matt & Nat’s inaugural collaboration with Apple yields eye- and…

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GIVEAWAY: Win a Vegan Handbag From Matt & Nat (Worth $225!)

We’ve got fssss… steam heat, so we figured we’d take the mercury down a couple of notches with a giveaway that’s so cool, it’s practically permafrost. We…

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