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14 Bizarre Fashions That Sound Like April Fool's Jokes (But Aren't)

FERMENTED FASHION Don’t even attempt to get the red wine out of this dress. The skintight garment is part of a line of “fermented fashion” derived entirely from the…

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Lady Gaga Tweets Photo of Herself Wearing Another "Meat Dress"

Lady Gaga hammed it up at a recent concert in Tokyo wearing a second meat dress. On Monday, the controversy-courting singer tweeted a photo of herself—photographed by famed lensman…

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What Ever Happened to Lady Gaga's Meat Dress?

When Lady Gaga donned her controversial “meat dress” in September, the media went into a feeding frenzy. But nine months and dozens of outrageous getups later, we have to…

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What's the Environmental Impact of Lady Gaga's Meat Dress?

Lady Gaga clearly enjoys shock-and-awing rapt audience and reluctant bystanders alike, but her beefy getup at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards surely skirt-steaks the question of…

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