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3D-Printing "Fabric Pen" is the Clothing-Repair Kit of the Future

A pocket-size three-dimensional printer that makes on-the-go clothing repairs a cinch is just one of 35 visionary concepts that could make for a greener “home of the…

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Droog's "Create Me Textile" is a Clothes-Mending Kit for the 21st Century

Droog wants repairing to be the new recycling. The Dutch design firm and the crafty ladies of Humade have devised a clothes-mending kit that turns every hole, tear, or stain into an…

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Sara McBeen's Wearable Repair Kits Let You Make Do, Mend on the Go

Popped buttons and ripped seams don’t stand a chance against Sara McBeen’s wearable repair kits, which are cleverly disguised as a necklace, ring, or carabiner. The…

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