men’s eco-accessories

Buy a Pair of Charles Mark & Sons Socks, Donate a Pair to the Homeless

Not everyone is disappointed by socks on Christmas. For homeless people living on the streets, a fresh pair of socks can mean all the difference between healthy feet and infections,…

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Jacqueline Rousseau's NYC-Made Printed Chambray Tie is a Cool Operator

Combat record-setting temperatures by swapping your corporate noose for one of Jacqueline Rousseau’s lightweight chambray neckties. Handmade in her studio in New York City, each…

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Coach Turns Vintage Leather Baseball Gloves Into Billfold Wallets

Batter up for Father’s Day with the ultimate gift for the baseball fanatic—well, next to season tickets at Wrigley or Fenway, anyway. In honor of the sport that inspired its…

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In Honor of Hairball Awareness Day, Cat-Hair Accessories for Men

Photos by Kate Benjamin for Moderncat For centuries, the crazy cat gentlemen of the world have received the short end of the scratching post (so to speak). No longer. To celebrate…

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Buy a Tie, Fund a School Uniform For an African Child in Need

Fashion labels that throw themselves on the cause-related bandwagon are pretty old hat by now, especially when Earth Day or Breast Cancer Awareness Month roll around, but companies that…

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