Met Costume Institute Gala

Michelle Monaghan Wears Recycled Cans, Vegan Leather to Met Gala

Photo by Getty Images Emma Watson and Livia Firth weren’t the only ones stumping for sustainable fashion at the Met Gala in New York City on Sunday. In a sartorial nod to Manus x…

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Emma Watson Attends Met Gala in Gown Made From Recycled Bottles

BELLE OF THE BALL Every element of Watson’s gown was considered from an “ethical and aesthetic perspective,” according to Firth and company, from the garment’s…

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Livia Firth Dresses in Recycled Plastic Bottles at 2015 Met Ball

While other Hollywood players jostled for the cameras at Metropolitan of Art’s Costume Institute Gala in over-the-top couture on Monday night, Livia Firth made a different kind of…

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Cameron Diaz Wears Stella McCartney for Met Ball Green Carpet Challenge

As one of Hollywood’s staunchest environmental advocates, Cameron Diaz probably needed little convincing to join Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge. The veteran actress…

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Katy Perry Wears Glowing LED Gown to Met Costume Gala

Photo by Reuters When attending a red carpet event, there’s a lot of pressure on stars to outshine everyone else. Well, Katy Perry, the songbird known for her flashy retro style,…

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