Metropolitan of Art Costume Institute Gala

Livia Firth Dresses in Recycled Plastic Bottles at 2015 Met Ball

While other Hollywood players jostled for the cameras at Metropolitan of Art’s Costume Institute Gala in over-the-top couture on Monday night, Livia Firth made a different kind of…

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Emily Blunt Joins Green Carpet Challenge With Eco-Friendly Met Ball Gown

Consider Emily Blunt officially “Green Carpet Challenged.” The British actress attended the unveiling of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest exhibit, Punk: Chaos to…

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Livia Firth Wears Organic Silk Gown by Stella McCartney to Met Ball

Livia Firth is quickly becoming a red carpet fixture, but can you blame the lady? Her husband is Colin “Oscar Winner” Firth! Famous spouse in tow, the eco-fashion advocate…

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